iPlum Reviews

Considering a Second Phone Line? Check Out the iPlum Reviews to Learn More

We’re an on-call society with office hours than span around the clock. There are certainly benefits to always being able to conduct business: Closing deals, answering timely questions, transferring files and generally being accessible. The professionals who are looking into iPlum reviews as they consider using a second phone number are the same people who don’t have time for spam, ads or other interruptions. Fortunately for these people, it’s easier than ever to acquire a second mobile line that’s affordable and offers all the perks that allow you to do business on-the-go without switching carriers or having to give up your privacy.

iPlum Reviews

Do you need a second phone number?

Maybe a co-worker told you about all the advantages of having a cell line that’s dedicated to working calls. The call forwarding options, according to your co-worker, also make it possible to redirect important clients to another line where you can connect with them. If you find yourself constantly juggling between personal calls, texts and emails on one phone and having to manage the same data on a second phone, why not combine the two into one cell device? Privacy is another perk of having a new phone number separate from your personal one. With a U.S. or Canadian line that’s toll-free, you’ll be able to call, text, leave voicemail messages, transcribe and record calls without having to give out your personal number to new contacts.

Considering iPlum reviews:

Affordability, accessibility and user-friendly features typically top the list of perks when it comes to tech product reviews; iPlum reviews fall into that category. A user who has experienced all the perks of having a second phone number in the U.S. will readily attest to the benefits of iPlum. Those who’ve decided to use this provider benefit from low or free international calls, compatibility with Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE networks worldwide, VoIP or Internet data for calls and a plan that starts as low as $4.99 per month with no hidden taxes.

How to install iPlum:

Stop carrying around that cumbersome second cell phone and realize the benefits you’ve read about in iPlum reviews! It’s easier than ever to get your second U.S./Canadian phone number and there are three online outlets to accomplish this. Readers can visit iPlum.com, the Apple Store or Google Play for their download to get an iPlum number or to port their existing number. From there, the joys of HD calls, text, MMS, call forwarding, auto-reply and more are all available.

Open to both Apple and Android users, iPlum should be high on the list of tools for on-the-go businesspeople. Don’t weigh down your contact list with people who shouldn’t be invading personal time.