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iPlum Reviews the Most Common Privacy Concerns for Phone Users

According to a survey conducted by iPlum Reviews, among mobile users in the United States, 72 percent of respondents stated that their top concern regarding data privacy were identity theft and fraud. Concerns about stolen passwords ranked second with 64 percent.• Identity theft and fraud: 72%• Stolen passwords: 64%• Characteristic: Share of respondents

There are over 313 million Internet users in the United States, and over the last few decades Internet rates have gone up and the digital footprint of Americans has expanded at an amazingly fast pace. In this data-driven world we now live in comes the issue of digital privacy. The concern around the state of digital privacy is influenced by the lack of awarenessabout data protection and privacy rules among citizens. But the most talked about online privacy concerns among mobile users revolves around the disclosure of personal data such as credit card information or social security numbers, identity theft, and financial damage.

Another big worry for phone users is the involvement of governments in the online activities of their nationals. There is many internet users and IT professionals that do not believe that governments should have access to encrypted information systems. Many of these online phone users have created strategies to hide their information from the government. There have been 80% of Americans that reported online privacy concerns due to their government. 

The uncomfortable collection, use, and dissemination of personal online data was also reflected in the response to contract-tracing applications during the Covid-10 pandemic. “Digital contact tracing via smartphone apps was established as a new public-health intervention in many countries in 2020.” When phone users were asked about the privacy implications of contract-tracing tools, 34% of adults stated that they were uncomfortable with the idea that tech companies were sharing data with the government. This figure shows a demand for user control over online activities and personal information, an even larger number of online users are willing to accept certain privacy risks to have the convenience.

With all the Internet users in the world there is bound to be some sort of privacy concern that accidentally leaks out in the system. Phone users need to pay attention to the privacy protection and rules that come with their plans. Know what to do in case there is an issue that arises with some personal privacy action against you.

iPlum Reviews Why it Can Be Beneficial to Add a Second Phone Line

iPlum Reviews tools and software are geared towards the modern, entrepreneurial, digital traveler and remote teams worldwide. Many people in this world run multiple businesses or are in a position at work where it requires them to be on the phone all the time, like sales for example. So having one phone line to juggle both work life and personal life can be cumbersome. iPlum Reviews knows exactly how to ease some of that annoying pain. They say to add a second line to your phone you already have, without needing to buy an additional phone so you can separate your work and personal life. When buying a cell phone most people look for user friendly, accessibility, and affordability as their top features when it comes to technical product reviews. iPlum Reviews fall into that category. Here are some reasons why it can be beneficial to add a second phone line.

First, iPlum reviews if you are running your business on your mobile, you will want a second phone line, why, well it will help you field sales calls, media inquiries, and job applicants who work for you. You can prepare an automatic greeting and set up appointments. You can add numbers and set office hours for yourself. Plus, it will help you out budgeting, instead of wasting money on a second phone, adding a new line will keep your budget small.

Next, iPlum reviews how you can protect your privacy with a second number. One neat feature of a second virtual phone line is that it will not reveal your phone number to anyone who tries it. Making discrete calls or texts, having a second line will protect your identity and reputation.

Third, you can stop data breaches by giving out your secondary phone number. Every time you sign up with a service provider, they ask for your personal information. Most companies do not have a malicious intention, but some do and that is how companies get hacked into, so instead of giving them everything true to you, provide them with your secondary number so you are not giving them room to hack into your personal life.

iPhone reviews show you can add a second number to enhance your life. There are many groups of people who do not need your number, and you do not need the hassle of them bothering you. With this second number, it will alleviate those concerns, help you screen unwanted calls, and give you the opportunity to run an effective business. Take advantage of having a second phone line without needing to buy a second phone.

iPlum Reviews the Importance of Work-Life Balance and Tips To Keep Your Work Life Separate

iPlum reviews

In recent years, America has been recognized as one of the most over-worked countries on earth. There are various reasons for this title; one such reason is America’s average workweek. There are currently 134 countries that have set a maximum cap to the hours their citizens are allowed to work each week. American citizens have no set weekly limit, and full-time American employees are known to work anywhere between 40-80 hours a week. iPlum, the number 1 rated mobile virtual line provider, understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance and the daily struggle not to continue working after office hours. Today, iPlum will review the best practices for keeping a healthy work-life balance. 

Understand Perfection Isn’t Possible 

The first tangible step to improving work-life balance is understanding perfection doesn’t exist. Many people who work extra hours believe their work performance must be “perfect” and that they must go above and beyond when performing their duties. While this drive is admirable and will likely help the employee go far in their organization, it can also lead to unneeded stress. Working additional hours outside the office rarely leads to fewer tasks in the future; more likely, it sends a message to an employer that the worker is available to take on additional tasks outside of work hours. 

Keep Your Personal Phone Number Separate

One of the easiest ways to ensure a healthy work-life balance is to keep a separate personal and business phone number. A business phone number allows the user to set boundaries for contacting hours more easily. Having a business phone number gives the user the ability to choose when they want to be reachable and removing the temptation to overwork. iPlum has helped numerous employees keep their work-life separate by offers free secure texting and HD quality calling that does not use your carrier minutes. 

Master the Art of the Email 

People will often continue to check their work email long after they have completed their workday. Either to continue to sort through work emails or to look for an important expected email. When possible, it is essential not to form a habit of checking emails after work hours. Employees will inevitably receive emails after work hours; however, there should not be an expectation to respond until the following workday for everyday emails. 

Prioritizing Work and Home Life

Generally, people believe a healthy work-life balance looks like an overly productive worker who leaves the office at 5 to go to an event with family or friends. This is unrealistic and should not be made the ideal for any working professional. Having a job means sometimes staying late to finish a project; it is to be expected. However, this becomes unhealthy if an employee staying after hours becomes the norm. A healthy work-life balance more closely resembles someone who, somedays, stays after work to finish a project before a deadline and, on occasion, will leave to take their child to a doctor’s appointment. 

iPlum Reviews The Importance of Keeping Separate Personal and Business Phone Lines

With more and more Americans working remotely, a lot of people have reluctantly started to utilize their personal numbers for business purposes. iPlum reviews show that it is much wiser to keep personal and professional lines separate. Today, iPlum reviews why the iPlum app, which allows multiple numbers to reside on one phone, is necessary for all working professionals.

iPlum reviews show that the first reason to keep personal and professional numbers separate is to protect personal information from scammers, hackers, and more. Business numbers must be advertised on business cards, email signatures, social profiles, and more. iPlum reviews show that promoting a personal number by sharing it with the masses opens the user to more significant threats. If a hacker were to discover a personal number through a person’s advertising efforts, it is important to consider all of the information they would have access to. Almost everyone has their credit card information stored, personal photographs available and autosaved passwords on social media profiles and more. iPlum reviews strongly urge people to do everything in their power to protect their sensitive information.

Having a second number through the iPlum app will instantly help a person keep their personal number out of the spotlight. With all phone calls forwarded to their smartphone, there is no need to secure a second phone to enjoy separate numbers. One of the more annoying parts of having the same work number as a personal number is the person is forced to answer phone calls from numbers they do not recognize. iPlum reviews show that 3 out of 10 phone calls are pre-recorded marketing messages. Robocalls are not only annoying, but they can also hinder productivity as they stop a workflow abruptly.

iPlum reviews show that keeping a work number and a personal number separate is important because of all the different things you must tie your phone number to. Consider promotions that you sign up for, mobile banking certifications, emergency numbers, and more. Ultimately, it becomes a very difficult balancing act between business and personal life when a person has the same number for both business and personal use. While everyone wants to go the extra mile for their clients. Remaining available 24/7 can lead to serious problems with stress levels. Those with a family need to spend some quality time away from the office. It’s bad enough that emails can be read from anywhere on the globe when a person has the same phone number for business and personal use, they have no escape at all.

Positive iPlum Reviews Prove Varying Industries will Benefit from 2nd Phone Number

When your personal cell phone rings in the middle of the night and it is a non-urgent call that could wait until morning, there is no one to blame but yourself. Technology has always made it possible for offices around the world to remain connected. This can prove to be a bit of a double-edged sword because what is “urgent” to one person might not seem so important to another when time zone differences need to be considered, too. To those on-the-go entrepreneurs who are tired of juggling two cellular devices, it is time to look at iPlum reviews. This business phone call app makes it possible to install a second U.S., Canadian, or toll-free phone number onto your current device and easily manage work and personal matters.

Users can take advantage of HD-quality calls, text messaging, audio/video transfers, and 3G/4G/LTE global compatibility among dozens of other features. If you are reading iPlum reviews and wondering if this is the second business phone line for you, check out the two case studies below!

Compliant and Convenient: Keeping in touch with patients and answering timely — sometimes life-saving questions — is just one aspect of working in the medical field. To those reviewing iPlum reviews and wondering if this the service for them, consider the glowing review offered by an iPlum user who is also a physician. The desire to care for new patients and improve outcomes must be balanced with not giving out personal phone numbers as well as meeting the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance guidelines. According to, a HIPAA-compliant call “must leave a toll-free number of patients can contact them with.” Medical users of iPlum will be happy to learn that their calls, despite coming from a second line, can still be toll-free and thus meet HIPAA guidelines.

Real Concerns for Real Estate: Anyone who has ever purchased a home knows that they are in near-constant contact with their real estate agent. Those open lines of communication are great for the buyers; the agent who is constantly fielding calls from clients may beg to differ when they need some “off” time. When an entire real estate company sets up iPlum lines, a uniform mode of communication is established. This can allow agents and loan brokers to connect via secondary phone lines – the same phone lines that are given to sellers when they sign on. Being able to send videos and images is an iPlum perk for those in the real estate industry, as any areas of concern at a building can be clearly conveyed to interested parties.